We have created an Excel template very useful for printing the BSA Founder Recognition Certificate, which can accompany the red "Founder" tab.  The spreadsheet is easy to use: type or paste your unit member names in the first tab of the spreadsheet, labeled "Individual Info".  There is room to add rank or title, such as "Eagle Scout" or "Assistant Scoutmaster."  On the second tab, labeled "Founder Certificate" (see tabs in lower left corner of Excel), you can customize your unit name (i.e. "Troop 145"), your Council name and District name, plus the date (typically the date presented, but you may want to show the founding date of your unit.

To print certificates, use the "Founder Certificate" tab and simply go through the numbers of your unit members in the top left orange box. For example, enter "1" to call up the first member and preview what will be printed for his certificate.  Click the Excel File/Print top tab and choose your printer, selecting heavy cardstock or plain thick paper.  Place the BSA certificates in your printer tray and print each one.  We were able to create 38 certificates in under an hour.

These certificates may be ordered from your scout award store, using BSA item No 34775, shown to the right.

Click here to download the Excel template for mass-printing your certificates.

BSA Founder Recognition