Friday - there is a picnic celebration at lunch, and boys make their final merit badge assignments to wrap up the week. The closing campfire includes an Order of the Arrow ceremony that is truly a solomn occaison full of Indian lore that inspires the boys.  There are some funny skits, too, often poking at staff members.  

Thursday- Boy Scouts have been working hard to complete their course work.  Some bickering as the tiredness is catching up with them.  They are being wrangled to get a shower tonight.  Some boys don't want camp to end while others are looking forward to seeing their parents on Friday. The Scoutmaster could be heard in the background laughing, so entertainment and the stories that will be told about this week.

Wednesday, Last night,  Troop leaders from Christiansburg visited with three bags of ice, 3 watermelons and plenty/variety of fruit were heartily greeted upon arrival.  Sometimes, there might even be cake!
When all the Troop 145 Scouts were asked "What is the best part of Summer Camp so far?", here are some replies:

"The sleeping" "Trading Post"
"The hammock" "The black widow spider that crawled up my leg."
"Our Racoon Hats" "Swimming"
"Open Range" "Showers" 
"Campsite campfire"     "Watermelon"
"Merit badges" "The snake* we found"

* Leader Jack Atkins said, "The snake was the size of a large worm.  Nothing to worry about; simple garden-snake. I don't want the moms to worry."

The Base Camp Leaders acknowledged that there has been no mention of homesickness or (first sign) stomachaches.  No injuries or visits to the Health Lodge.  Yes, the Scouts are getting tired.  Any squabbling is quickly resolved.  The SPL and ASPL are doing well.  Everyone is performing their duties. Everyone is seen brushing teeth.   

Tuesday - The troop has PLENTY of water. There are 9 cases that were stashed away and not relocated until this afternoon. So, NO NEW WATER BOTTLES needed. All is going smoothly with the BSI and MB Scouts!

Tuesday - Class-A shirts took a while to dry after the Sunday night downpour which turned every trail into a river.  Monday night was free time in which every Troop 145 Boy Scout took the time to either swim, go to the open shooting range or visit the trading post. The Leaders were able to get some fishing time. The Apache campsite had its own campfire after dark and it was very enjoyable.   The SPL is keeping all Scouts on task with campsite and dining hall duties. Tonight is the Commissioner's Campfire where troop are asked to perform their own skits which Troop 145 will decide and practice this afternoon.  Everything is going pretty well and the boys are having a good time. 

Sunday & Monday,- Check-in went well.  Everyone settled into the Apache campsite after the tour, swim test and unpacking the troop trailer.  Everyone enjoyed the opening campfire with good skits. However, everyone got soaked from a heavy rain while walking back to camp! Be Prepared! Everyone was in good spirits as they all awoke for the first full day of camp.  Happy sounds of scouts could be heard in the background this morning.  They were preparing for the opening flag ceremony then breakfast.  Every MB Scouts will received his MB schedule and helped to get to their correct location throughout the day. Brown Sea Island scouts break off into their smaller patrols right after breakfast cleanup.