Thursday - reprovisioning for the last 2 days of backwoods hiking, including Friday's final long-day of 18 miles. 

Wednesday - Occassionally, the Base Camp Leaders will receive a text message from Hike Knoll leaders.  So far,  they assisted in the loading of an adult from another troop to be evacuated after he was kicked in the face by a horse.  They were to be black-powder rifle shooting today and still had paintball shooting to visit.  It is hoped they will be rock climbing on Friday.  

Tuesday -  "We did Huff Farm Yesterday and the boys got to ride (horses)  a little bit.  They are mountain boarding today/" (A Blue Ridge tradition with an all-terrain skateboard and braking system) We heard of another troop who's food was taken by a bear when they didn't secure it properly overnight!

Monday,- There is solid proof of their hiking abilities as they made it the Greenwood Trial.  Caption:  "Don't complain!  Hike in the rain!" 

There are a lot of trails within Camp Ottari for their adventures!