Troop Mission and Expectations along with Incident Report in - Troop Behavior Contract

Troop Leadership Positions- required reading for our Boy Scouts in a leadership role.

Merit Badge Application (to accompany a BSA Adult Volunteer form):

Camping Recipes (to help with planning of monthly meals) -

Campout Menu Planning Worksheets - Menu, Grocery and Utensil List

Campout Menu and Duty Roster (pdf) - Great for Patrol Leaders & APL's!

Campng Patrol Packing List (don't want to forget anything) -  Camping Guide

Summer Camp Packing Items (it is a long, but fun week) - list (PDF link)

BSA Medical Forms - Health Form Link

Medications Form (for any Scout/Troop Event) -Form to Accompany any medicines needed by Scout

Recommended First Aid Supplies -  Red Cross Website

Court of Honor Agenda - Templates, along with past and possiblity upcoming scripts

Official Troop Letter -  Word .doc format helpful for soliciation of donations and Eagle references.

Mess Kits, Mesh Bag & Summer Camp Tote - see examples

Technology Agreement as a modifiable Parent/Son contract for Internet, Cellphones, tablets and laptop use (used in CyberChip and Programming MB)

Scout Cyber Pledge for the Cyber Chip requirement

Campership - Camp version of a Campership so that no Boy Scout misses an opportunity to go to Summer Camp!  Please review the instructions/form and talk to the Scoutmaster.

Founder Unit Recognition Certificate printing template: use this to print perfectly-aligned names on your BSA-supplied founding unit certificates.

Merit Badge Resources from recent courses offered during troop meetings:



Programming MB Resources - MANY programming languages and "How To" for a simple program.

Merit Badge Counselors

A list of adults who have expertise can be provided by requets to help guide Boy Scouts - as a group or individually (with a chaperone) - through requirements to earn MBs.  Before contacting a MB Counselor, a Scout should get permission from a Troop Adult Leader.

If an adult has a special talent and would like to become a MB counselor, please download an explanation then complete a form to return to a Troop Leader.  An Adult Volunteer registration form will be provided.  Also, please complete the Youth Protection course online.

Troop Uniform Explanations

Class-A shirts(without the neckerchief and slide) can be worn with jeans or shorts at informal occasions  such as

  • Regular troop meetings
  • Camps (Klondike Derby, summer camp, any troop campout, etc.)
  • District/council activities (like the upcoming VT MB College or ITT)

When the Troop asks for the FULL Class-A uniform, it means definitely wear the neckerchief and slide with the Class-A shirt.  The merit badge sash is optional but a good habit to wear with neckerchief and slide.  it is recommended that clean/nice jeans or brown/khaki/greenish pants should be worn for these occasions:

    • Court of Honors
    • Board of Reviews
    • Flag Ceremonies or anything to do with flags or Veterans (VFW dinner, Memorial Day, etc.)
    • Official District/Council ceremonies (camp closing ceremony, banquet, etc.)
    • Church services (Scout Sunday or camp service)

Class-B refers to the Troop t-shirt.