Friday - before the graduation ceremony, there are skills competitions such as knot tying, first aid scenarios, and relay events.  The boys have formed strong bonds and understand the patrol method of scouting! While everyone is tired, they're also smiling!  Graduation includes recognition by both staff and troop members for all their accomplishments, including more than half of the requirements for the first 3 ranks in scouting: Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class.

Thursday -  Everyone did their best on the 5-mile hike this morning, and ate a hearty lunch! They are completing many rank skills, including first aid skills like splinting a fracture, stopping bleeding, preventing shock, and two-person rescue carries.

Wednesday -   The BSI hike was postponed from this morning to Thursday morning due to weather.  Newbies were relieved to have an extra day to prepare for the hike.   Everyone was in good spirts during Siesta.  A few Scouts remembered and departed for a 1:30 PM appointment to earn a Toten or Fireman Chit.  Everyone has earned their mandatory shower bead yesterday.  There will be another on Thursday.  Parents can assured of a minimum of two showers this week!  BSI Scouts have received their staff (walking sticks) affixed with a leather cord and many skill beads.  They have permission to begin decorating with markers their staff for a Friday morning judging session for best design. 

Tuesday- Our newbies are in the Thunder Hawks BSI patrol along with Boy Scouts from [other states, other countries].  They are working on a patrol flag this morning and will be reviewing first aid skills throughout the day.  They are building up their stamina and courage for the 5-mile hike on Wednesday morning.  They will return for lunch and regroup at 2;30 PM for the overnight campout.  Believe it or not, their portion of the Apache campsite is neater than the older Boy Scouts!  They are all having a good time!

Monday - The new Boy Scouts are excited about their first day at Brown Sea Island.  They were awake and moving with no problems and ready for a the first camp opening flag ceremony, a hearty breakfast and then meet their BSI counselors. Brown Sea Island runs all day long, 5 days of camp