June 25- (after 2:30-4:30 PM visit from Lisa Bass) Every CLAB member was enjoying the perfect water and air temperature in and around Claytor Lake.  Everyone finished this Wedneday AM with their first visit on a MB/Skill session and began their second visits this afternoon and through Friday.  Our 2 T42 Scouts were found on the Climbing Wall before a passing storm paused all coursework briefly.  Then, a Red Dog (missing scout) was called and all campers were called to the Dining Hall.  All traffic in/out of the CLAB was halted until the "all clear" signal.  Leader Henry is hard at work repairing, painting, building and using all available CLAB and personal power tools. 

June 23rd - (as reported by Henry Bass at 8:15 AM) Only 85 Scout campers at CLAB this week.  One Troop 42 camper had his schedule rearranged because he was the only scout signed up.  He will have to the Swimming MB on his own.  Both Troop 42 boys have the morning off until 10:00AM while the rest of camp completes the Boater Safety course.  BSA is helping the Coast Guard and DGIF get every complied with law of having this certification before handling any motored watercraft.  Leaders' Meeting at 10:00 AM.  CLAB has a staff member assigned to Adult Leaders to organize special activities in exchanged for some service around the camp.

June 22nd -  (as reported by Henry Bass at 8:10 PM) Were first to arrive at CLAB and were assigned to Cabin #2!   These veteran Scouts seemed to have forgotten several items from the packing list.   They were able to skip the Boater Safety training after showing their certifications and enjoy those hammocks set up under their cabins to watch the beautiful view of the lake.